Our staff

Our employees are happy to explain why you should apply for a job at KLM Health Services! Some of the many benefits include: a great diversity of activities, the dynamic location Schiphol, interesting customers, and above all, pleasant and professional colleagues. Please check out the testimonials of some of our employees. Are you interested in one of our current vacancies? Do not hesitate; we will gladly receive your application.

Antoinette van den Oever

“The variation in my work makes my job challenging time and time again.” – Antoinette van Den Oever

Antoinette van Den Oever is a safety expert and occupational hygienist at KLM. “I examine working conditions that may be harmful to health. Examples include safety risks, hazardous substances, noise, vibrations, and climate and biological agents. To this end, I visit KLM workplaces and perform various inspections. I then provide specific advice on improving the working conditions. I am in contact with a wide range of people: workers on the floor, Division Health & Safety Managers, subject matter experts, managers and employee representatives. The variation in my work, working on projects both autonomously and together with colleagues, makes my job challenging every day.”

Didi Aaftink

“It is tremendously motivating that expectations of me are high and that flexibility is incredibly important.” – Didi Aaftink

Didi is a doctor. She is partially responsible for the global AIR FRANCE KLM doctors network. She visits locations all over the world to inspect medical care, risks and general hygiene, so that multinationals are aware of the health risks. “I provide information, give vaccinations and perform dispatch examinations for international companies. Furthermore, my department serves as a backup for health care at companies. If a company has a medical question, or needs ambulatory care, we help out. I provide care in an international context. It is tremendously motivating that expectations of me are high and that flexibility is incredibly important.”

Denise Baaten

“Schiphol is a unique place to work” – Denise Baaten

Travelling safely and returning home healthy. Travel advice nurse Denise Baaten makes this possible, and helps travellers prepare for their journey through providing good advice and personal attention. “Schiphol is a unique place to work. I did various apprenticeships here in the past. After my nursing training I heard about a vacancy for a travel nurse. I applied immediately! I want to help travellers prepare for their journey as well as I can. In addition to recommended immunisations and malaria prophylactics, I inquire about any chronic diseases, provide advice about food, insect bites, and hygiene, and I give tips about the local customs in the country of destination. Good advice and personal attention, that’s what I give people.”