Working abroad

Today’s economy places high demands on companies and employees alike: the competition is fierce and work pressure is high, resulting in a sharp increase of health risks.

Besides this, companies operating internationally have additional responsibilities regarding their employees:

• Ensuring safe working conditions anywhere in the world.

• Ensuring the journey is well-prepared, including:

o Living conditions, food hygiene, accommodation and safety

o Expat examination

o Local on-site medical support in projects.

Preparing well for the journey

We assess the situation abroad and provide advice on the necessary preparations. You will be given a clear picture of the local situation. We will provide you with recommendations regarding, for example, vaccinations and malaria prophylactics, medical training for personnel – such as ‘first aid in the tropics’ – and repatriation.

Expat Examination

Are you being sent to work abroad for a long period of time? Then your employer will request a medical certificate. The Expat Examination checks a number of vital functions, so you know how healthy you are. The examination is compiled in consultation with your employer, and depends on your destination.

What will be examined?

The Expat Examination contains at least the following elements:

• An extensive questionnaire about your health

• Urine and blood tests

• Height, weight and blood pressure measurement

• Pulmonary function test

• Eye test

• Audiogram

• Electrocardiogram

• A physical examination

• Possibly a vaccination consultation (depending on the destination)

In addition to the up-to-the-minute information we receive from LCR (National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice), we can rely on an extensive network of doctors abroad. The outcome of the examination will (after consultation) be reported to your employer in writing. Read more about the Expat Examination.

Worldwide network of hospitals and specialists

KLM Health Services can assist you. We stand for healthy travelling and healthy working. KLM employs 28,000 people. Over 10,000 of our employees work abroad, under widely diverging circumstances. That is why we maintain a global network of hospitals and specialists for KLM. The specialists we carefully select provide care to our employees abroad, if necessary. This may be on a regular basis or in the event of incidents or disasters. KLM Health Services has acquired extensive medical and international experience in this area.

Tailored services

International organisations employ people who occasionally or regularly travel abroad. Expats go and live abroad (sometimes with their families) for longer periods of time.

We have developed tailored services for each and every type of traveller:

• Business travellers: occasionally travel abroad for their employer.

• Frequent travellers: travel often and to various destinations.

• Expat travellers: employees who stay abroad, with or without their families, for a fixed period of time (a minimum of 6 weeks).