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Coronavirus tests for travellers

Do you want to travel abroad again? Then it may be the case that specific requirements for preventing infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) have been put in place in your country of destination. In some cases, a coronatest (COVID-19 PCR test) is required and you will need to provide a certificate confirming that you have tested negative for COVID-19.

KLM Health Services provides COVID-19 PCR tests for travellers. Read all about the test in the frequently asked questions below or make an online appointment directly.


We provide tests for travellers who are not covered by the Dutch testing policy. A number of countries have imposed requirements on passengers from the Netherlands because the Netherlands is considered a high risk by many countries. These countries require travellers to provide proof that they have recently tested negative for COVID-19 before they will be allowed to enter their country. We will test those people for COVID-19 (by appointment). For more information: the Dutch Government site (in Dutch) or IATA news).

We only test people who are not covered by the Dutch testing policy and who do not have any health problems or COVID-19 symptoms. Have you got, or are you developing, any complaints such as fever, coughs, sore throat or rhinitis? Then unfortunately we will not be able to test you and redirect you to the GGD. Have you already booked an appointment? If you booked before August 10 please call 020 244 52 10 to reschedule. If you made an online appointment you can use the link send to you by e-mail.

You can make an appointment directly online here.

Did you make the appointment before 10 August? Please contact us on 020 244 52 10 to change or cancel the appointment. Did you make the appointment on or after August 10? Use the link sent to you in the confirmation email.

The purpose of a PCR test is to detect the presence of genetic material (RNA) from the COVID-19 virus in your nasal or oral cavity. A sample is taken from your nose and throat using a swab. We carry out this test and make sure that the results are available within 24 -32 hours. You will then receive the results in the form of a certificate in English by e-mail.

The test is a so-called aerosol-forming operation (whereby small drops of saliva are easily released into the air), therefore the nurse always wears protective aids such as splash goggles, an FFP2 mask, gloves and an apron.


The test results do not provide any guarantee: – It may be the case that you are still in the incubation period and the virus cannot be detected yet – or you may become infected during the period between the test and your trip. The test does not provide any proof or guarantee of validity.

A COVID-19 PCR test costs € 145,00 (0% VAT).

You can go to the GGD if you are covered by the Dutch testing policy and you develop symptoms. You can go to KLM Health Services if you do not have any symptoms but you need to be able to provide results showing that you have recently tested negative for COVID-19 in order to enter your country of destination. Search here for the latest status of your country of destination.

On location we ask you prior to the test to pay the costs of the test, € 145,00 (0% VAT), by credit card, debit or PIN. Currently we do not accept cash.

If you have symptoms, you can contact the GGD to arrange a test which will be carried out free of charge. Check with your health insurer if costs of a test carried out by KLM Health Services wil be reimbursed.

A PCR test is a snapshot. Countries have different guidelines on the length of time after a test during which you may travel to a country based on a health certificate. Always check these carefully yourself and plan your appointment accordingly so that your certificate is still valid when you travel to a country.

They are provided in English.

You can find out whether restrictions apply to your destination via this IATA website. The requirements and guidelines vary from country to country and also change regularly. It is important for you to check the current status yourself (e.g. on the site of your country of destination) and whether any additional certificates are required. You should also follow the information provided by your travel agent or airline.

You will receive the results of your PCR test after 24-32 hours . (Including weekends).

It is possible to take the tests every day of the week (including weekends). The tests are performed in the morning so the result can come back to you after 24-36 hours.

Tests are carried out at our sites in the Hague, Hoofddorp, Schiphol-Oost and Schiphol-Centrum. 

Read the very latest advice from the Dutch Government and RIVM (including health declaration).

Yes, your child can also be tested. We naturally take into account that it can be exciting for your child. Our nurses have a lot of experience in reassuring children. Children up to the age of 16 are only tested under the supervision of a parent or caregiver.

If you test positive, then you are legally obligated to report this to the Municipal Health Services (GGD). The Municipal Health Service will then contact you and explain the guidelines to you. Click here for more information.

No, this sampling technique has not been validated by RIVM. It causes a strong loss of sensitivity and the test can be influenced by the way of gargling.

You should then contact the airline company you are flying with. Are you flying with KLM Then visit this special web page or contact the Customer Care unit of KLM.

Yes, everyone is welcome at KLM Health Services regardless of which airline company or mode of transport they are using. This also applies to our other services such as travel advice, vaccinations or medical examinations.

You can only have yourself tested by the Municipal Health Service if you have symptoms indicative of COVID-19. If you need a written confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test for a specific destination, then you can contact us. We can only provide confirmations of tests that we have carried out ourselves.