Preventative measures

Prevention is always better than cure, which is also true when you’re travelling. During your stay abroad you’ll obviously want to protect yourself from possible risks. Our Travel Clinics will be pleased to advise you how the right accessories will ensure that you are well prepared for your journey.

What can you expect?

To make your trip as amenable as possible, in addition to getting any vaccinations that you might need it’s also advisable to take a number of preventative measures. This will reduce the likelihood of you falling ill during or after your trip. Our Travel Clinic nurses will be on hand to give you expert advice. You can come to one of our Travel Clinics for useful travel accessories, such as Travel First Aid kits, mosquito nets and items that will protect you against sunburn and insect bites. Visit our webshop or our shop at Schiphol-Oost.


A visit to the Travel Clinic will ensure that you’ll be well prepared for your journey, helping you avoid unnecessary health problems so that you can derive more enjoyment.

Foreign travel advice from the ministry

The travel advice provided by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help prepare you for any safety risks you’ll be exposed to during a stay in a foreign country. It includes, for example, regions that are safe to travel to and regions that you should avoid. Sometimes there will be safety risks, so don’t take any chances. If you are advised to avoid a particular country, only travel there if it is absolutely necessary.

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a new, central telephone number for travellers and it can be called 24/7. The number is: +31 247 247 247.