Medical exams for divers


KLM Health Services offers both initial and repeat examinations for professional divers. Additionally, we also provide sports diver examinations for recreational divers and pressurised-air user’s examinations.


During the examination a detailed analysis is carried out of the medical history of the person being examined. Several tests are then carried out, including blood and urine tests, hearing and eyesight tests, an ECG, a pulmonary function test and a cardiac stress test. Measurements of height, weight, body fat percentage, BMI and blood pressure are also taken. During the first diver’s medical examination, or on indication, an X-ray of the lungs is also included.


If you are a professional diver you should undergo such an examination every year. There are health risks associated with working with pressurised air. For this reason it is important that the diver does not suffer from complaints that could lead to health risks during or immediately after diving.

Our offering

  • Initial diver’s examination
  • Periodic diver’s examination
  • Sports diver’s examination
  • Pressurised-air user’s examination

More information

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