Medical exams for divers


KLM Health Services offers both initial medical examinations and repeat health check-ups to professional divers. We also carry out medical assessments for recreational divers and divers who work with compressed air.


The medical exam includes a detailed analysis of your medical history. Subsequently, a number of test are performed, including blood and urine tests, measurements of height, weight, body fat percentage, BMI and blood pressure, hearing and vision tests, an ECG, a pulmonary function test and a cardiac stress test. On indication, the initial diver medical examination also includes an X-ray of the lungs.


For professional divers, an annual medical exam is compulsory. Operating under excess pressure may cause health risks. Therefore, it is important to determine whether you not suffer from conditions that could cause health risks during or immediately after diving.

What we offer

  • Initial diver assessment
  • Periodic diver assessment
  • Sports diver health check-up
  • Additional compressed air health check-up

More information

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