The AED training course is intended for employees who wish to provide First Aid and medical care by means of an AED in case of sudden cardiac arrest. 

What does an AED care provider do?

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, the AED is the most effective tool to aid. Early warning, CPR, defibrillation and professional care increase the survival chances of a victim. This training course teaches you how to recognise a heart attack, which actions to perform first and what aspects need your special attention, both for your safety and the safety of the patient. You will learn medical skills helping you to monitor and secure the vital signs of a victim. You will practice your CPR skills and exercise responsible and professional defibrillation using an AED.

Practical exercises

All a stages of working with an AED are covered – from the first contact with the patient to checking and maintaining the AED after the patient has been picked up by the ambulance service.

Refresher courses

An annual refresher course is mandatory in order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and your certificate valid.


  • Analysing the cardiac rhythm using the AED
  • How to approach the patient
  • General steps for using AEDs
  • Acting on advice – no electric shocks –
  • Special circumstances
  • Inspection and maintenance of the AED


This is a one-day course.