Disaster training

Almost every Emergency Response Officer has ever been faced with a situation in which organisational emergency response was insufficient. What happens then? What authorities will then arrive and support the Emergency Response Teams? What sort of meetings will take place? We often get these and other questions during the ERO training course. Our Disaster training answers these questions.


This course is intended for people who work near or at Schiphol Airport and who are keen to learn more about the emergency organisation of (or around) an incident of disaster. Anyone can join this training, regardless of previous education or experience.

Course aim

This course aims to provide you with knowledge of the emergency organisation in case of an incident or calamity. You will be able to understand what is happening when and why. Moreover, you can better anticipate unexpected events.


Getting to know the emergency organisation in the Netherlands and for Schiphol in particular. On the basis of the Dutch guidelines, as issued by GHOR, you are taught basic knowledge and get to deal with some practical situations, including the meeting structures that emerge. We will also provide you with an explanation of much used abbreviations used in the emergency organisation. After the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Refresher courses

This training does not offer refresher courses. However, we offer specific programmes for First Aiders who work at Schiphol Airport and who need more knowledge to fulfil their role in the emergency organisation.

Course duration

This training takes 4 hours (half a day).