ERO Practice day


This practice day is intended to offer Emergency Response Teams the opportunity to gain experience related to their duties as EROs in company specific situations. During the exercises, they can put acquired skills into practice.

What does an ERO learn during a practice day?

You will learn how to act in case of an early fire and how to evacuate a building in order to limit the impact of a disaster. In addition, you will practice the skills needed to providing life-saving first aid or transportation of casualties.


  • How to communicate with employees (communication techniques)
  • Estimating the magnitude of an emergency
  • Call on external emergency services

Practical exercises

A practice day is a welcome change for the participants and part of retaining the ERO-certificate. Some elements that will be covered during the practice day are:

  • Theory on small fire-fighting equipment
  • Estimating the magnitude of a fire
  • Dealing with a (starting) fire
  • Extinguishing fire using a CO2 extinguisher, foam extinguisher and/or fire blanket
  • Using a radio telephone

Refresher courses

An annual refresher course is mandatory in order to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and your certificate valid. We advise you to attend a one-day practical training once every two years in order to also maintain your practical skills.


This is a one-day course