Training courses price list 2016

Healthcare insurers often encourage attending First Aid training by compensating the costs fully or partially. If you wish to find out whether your insurance covers a certain training course, please contact your health care provider.

Training courses(excl. VAT)*
Safety in the workplace
Lead Emergency Response Officer (custom made)Price on request
Lead Emergency Response Officer - refresher coursePrice on request
Unit leader/Shift leader€ 425
Unit leader/Shift leader - refresher course€ 225
Emergency Response Officer (ERO)€ 339
Emergency Response Officer - refresher course€ 189
Emergency Response Officer - refresher course (without First Aid)€ 95
Disaster training€ 99
First Aid
First Aid Network basic course€ 265
First Aid Network refresher course€ 135
CPR/AED€ 189

* 21% VAT Prices are per person. Price changes and typographical errors reserved.