Charges 2021

The cost of vaccinations can often be partly or completely claimed from your health insurer. The amount you can claim depends on your health plan. Travel vaccinations are covered by your additional coverage plan and will not affect your excess.

Check with your insurance provider for coverage details.

The table below lists the charges from January 2021.

Vaccinations and medicationCost (incl VAT)
Vaccination consultation (10 min.)€ 24,73
Vaccination consultation child (up to and inc. 15)€ 12,99
Repeat consultation (5 min.)€ 12,99
Vaccination consultation long (20 min.)€ 42,20*
Vaccination consultation night/weekend/holiday addition€ 5,77**
MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)€ 46,70
Typhod€ 40,52
Cholera stamp€ 0,00
DTP€ 29,20
TBE (Tick Borne Encephalitis)€ 86,24
TBE junior€ 86,24
Flu vaccine€ 34,- ***
Yellow Fever€ 46,70
Hepatitis A (series of two injections needed)€ 75,95
Hepatitis A junior (series of two injections needed)€ 49,20
Hepatitis A Immunoglobuline (2 ml)€ 99,-
Hepatitis A/B combination (series of three injections needed)€ 75,95
Hepatitis A/B combination junior (series of three injections needed)€ 75,95
Hepatitis B (series of three injections needed)€ 47,79
Japanese encephalitis€ 173,51
Meningococcus ACWY (Nimenrix®) € 82,50
Rabiës (series of two injections needed)€ 99,64
Vaccination passport (Yellow Book) during consultation€ 4,83
Vaccination passport (Yellow Book) loose sale€ 8,49
Atovaquon / Proguanil tablets for adults€ 2,67
Atovaquon / Proguanil tablets for children€ 1,12
Lariam tablets for adults€ 3,29
Malarone tablets for adults€ 2,67
Malarone tablets for children€ 1,12
Prescription€ 18,06
Providing medication (WMG)€ 6,79
Blood test
Hepatitis A titer determination € 45,09
Hepatitis B titer determination€ 39,27
Rubella titer determination€ 39,27
  • * If  you plan a trip for 2 months and/or visit 3 or more countries, a long consult is applicable.
  • ** You can also visit us for vaccinations and travel advice after office hours during weekdays or during the weekend. There is a €5,77 per person surcharge for a weekend/holiday or evening (after 18.00) consultation.
  • *** Flujab is inclusive consultation costs.
  • If you want to cancel or reschedule an appointment you must give us at least 24 hours prior notice. If you do not give the required notice we will charge you for the time we have set aside to help you.
  • No cash payment, card only.