Consultation hour

Travellers attending the consultation hour of one of our Travel Clinics will receive personal advice from one of our nurses, tailored to their destination.

Depending on your situation, the cost associated with a visit to the consultation hour comprises:

  • Consultation costs: individual advice tailored to your personal situation
  • Vaccination costs
  • Vaccination booklet
  • Prescription costs (for malaria pills, for example)
  • Travel products from our travel shop

Consultation costs

These are the costs you pay for the advice provided by one of our travel nurses and/or doctors. Depending on your policy, these costs are (partially) reimbursed by your health insurance.

  • Consultation: The travel nurse discusses with you your travel destination, the purpose of your visit, the duration of your trip, your vaccination status (yellow booklet), taking into account your medical history and any medication that you might be using. Personal advice and information is then provided. This consultation pertains to every new journey and is always personal, irrespective of whether other people are also present in the room.
  • Repeat consultation: Generally speaking, further advice is not given during a repeat consultation. The purpose of a repeat consultation is to administer a vaccination in accordance with a previously agreed schedule. For this reason the cost of a repeat consultation is also lower than for a regular consultation. If you have additional questions as a result of the regular consultation, these will, of course, be answered.
  • Child consultation: Our travel nurses are extremely sensitive in the way they administer vaccinations to children. Extra time is spent explaining to the child what is happening, and why, and in a way that the child will understand. From a service perspective, we have a reduced tariff for children younger than 15.
  • Evening/weekend surcharge: There is a surcharge on weekdays after 18.00 hour and in weekends of €5,15 per person.

Vaccination costs

You only have to pay for the vaccinations you actually receive during your visit to the surgery. Depending on your policy, these costs too are (partially) reimbursed by your health insurance.

Vaccination booklet

During your visit to the surgery the travel nurse will check your vaccination status by means of your yellow (vaccination) booklet. If you don’t have such a booklet one will be provided, for a fee, during your surgery visit. This yellow booklet is an important travel (border-crossing) document to countries in which yellow fever and cholera vaccinations are mandatory. The vaccination booklet can also be required when applying for a visa. For these reasons you should take good care of this booklet and take it with you to your appointment at the Travel Clinic surgery and, of course, during your journey.


If you need prescription medication during your trip we can arrange this too. Depending on the actual prescription, the travel nurse or doctor will take care of this for you. As is the case with your family doctor, you will have to pay for malaria or other prescriptions.

Products purchased in our webshop

During your visit to the surgery our travel nurse can also give you advice pertaining to preventative measures, including travel accessories. Tip: check out the travel accessories in our online shop.