When to vaccinate?

Some vaccinations only provide effective protection if you receive them a certain period prior to your departure. This depends on the type of vaccination, your age, which other vaccinations you have already had, the journey you are planning, and how long you will be away. We recommend that you receive the necessary vaccinations between four and six weeks behore departure.

Other questions?

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Last minute

It is preferable to make an appointment online. This enables us to prepare for your visit and avoids unnecessary waiting. You can also drop by at the last minute, but keep in mind that you may have to wait then. It is possible that there is no time available for you, then we will make an appointment for another day.


We always have an ample supply of malaria tablets and medication in our Schiphol Airport dispensary. We also offer a service of sending malaria medication to your home within the Netherlands.


Minors up to the age of 16 can only be vaccinated if they are accompanied by a parent or carer.