Latest travel advice

Our latest travel advice aims to inform you about diseases and current disease outbreaks in specific areas or countries.

At the beginning of May 2018 the LCR (National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice) changed its guidelines for rabies vaccinations. With immediate effect, a series of three injections will no longer be required for a complete vaccination against rabies. From now on a series of two injections will be enough. In this respect the LCR is following international policy, as has been established by the WHO (World Health Organization). The procedure to be followed after a potential rabies incident (contact with, or being scratched or bitten by a possibly infected animal during a stay in a country in which rabies is prevalent) remains unchanged. You should seek medical advice as soon as possible, irrespective of whether you have previously been vaccinated or not. However, for people who have previously been vaccinated the treatment is much easier. Therefore, if there is a real and present risk of being exposed to rabies, it is advisable to get yourself vaccinated in advance.

Popular and sunny countries such as Croatia, Turkey and Morocco are ideal destinations to spend your summer holiday. These destinations are often booked last minute, for example when the Dutch weather disappoints. Often, it is not considered that infectious diseases such as Jaundice (Hepatitis A) still prevail in these countries. A vaccination protects you. Please prepare your journey well and check our Travel advice by destination.

Travel advice Foreign Affairs

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice helps you prepare for safety risks during your stay abroad. The advice, for example, tells you which regions are safe and to which regions you should not travel. Sometimes there are security risks. If this is the case, please be alert or, preferably, only travel to the country concerned if genuinely necessary. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a telephone number for travellers, which can be reached 24/7. Please call: +31247247247.