Carefree on holiday?

KLM Health Services’ ‘Doctor Connect’

Vaccinations, malaria pills, insect repellent: when you travel you want to be well prepared so you can get the maximum enjoyment from your stay abroad. However, what if you unexpectedly fall ill? It could be anything from food poisoning to earache or even an allergic reaction to something you ate. Instant access to medical advice is then invaluable. Healthcare while you are abroad is not always the same as what you might be accustomed to. For example, what if you and the local doctor cannot understand one another? And what exactly is that medication you’ve just been prescribed? And will it be wise to take that flight or go scuba diving if you have certain symptoms? KLM Health Services has the answers to all these questions.

Doctor Connect!

Using KLM Health Services’ Doctor Connect’ you can reach a medical specialist 24/7 by phone, text, email or WhatsApp. And not only in the event of a medical emergency either, but even if you are just in doubt about something. Our doctors are specialised in travel and health and they can give you immediate advice: clear, transparent, and in either Dutch or English. And, if it’s deemed necessary, you can be referred to a trusted doctor belonging to the AIR FRANCE/KLM network, or a local healthcare institution. ‘Doctor Connect’ is available to everyone, irrespective of how you travel, or with which company.

The benefits

  • 24/7 medical advice in Dutch or English.
  • Not just in an emergency, also if you’re in doubt.
  • Specialised and experienced doctors.
  • Global network of AIR FRANCE/KLM doctors if referral is necessary.

For €14,15 a month you have unlimited consultation access to our medical specialists while you are abroad. Or you can make use of our special introductory offer: a year’s subscription for just €69,60. ‘Doctor Connect’: your ideal travel companion! Whether you travel often or sometimes, ‘Doctor Connect’ is a service for everyone. If you travel less and still want to make use of this service, than we have a subscription for you without engagement for just only one month. The subscriptions are also available for families, so your family can always get help from a medical specialist from KLM Health Services.

Flying Blue-member?

You can spend your Miles with ‘Doctor Connect’.