Need a visa?

Arranging your visa together with your vaccinations!

Are you travelling to a destination that requires a visa? Apply for your visa online and start your application using the visa widget below. In collaboration with CIBTvisas we will handle your visa application. In this way, you are ensured of an excellent service and receive the proper documents for your business trip or vacation. We also handle emergency applications. CIBTvisas is happy to assist you with your visa request. Your travel documents and visas should be in order prior to your journey. However, applying for a visa can be a difficult and often time-consuming process. KLM Health Services works together with CIBTvisas to provide visa support. CIBTvisas offers an extensive range of services aimed at providing information and support regarding the application of – occasionally complex – visas. The website provides a source of up-to-date visa information, and you can call on expert advice during each step of the application process. CIBTvisas maintains short lines of communication with embassies, and our employees have top-level expertise. Naturally, your details and documents will be treated as strictly confidential.

How it works

You apply for a visa and fill in all the required details. After following the instructions and entering all the information, you submit your application, passport, passport photo and any other documents that may be required to CIBTvisas. They take care of the rest of the procedure.

As soon as your visa is ready, you will receive an email stating that your passport will be sent to you (by registered mail). You can also collect your documents at the CIBTvisas office if you prefer.

In some cases, you can only apply for a visa after a medical examination. If you wish to make an appointment, or wish know more about medical examinations, please click here.