FAQs regarding coronavirus tests for KLM employees with symptoms

Below you will find the FAQs we have received about coronavirus testing for employees with symptoms.

Who qualifies for a test?

All KLM employees who work in operational positions and who cannot work from home are eligible for the test. KLM Cargo employees require prior permission from their manager.

Employees in a non-operational position or who can do their work from home are also not eligible for the test. In case of complaints they can be tested via the GGD.

At the moment, we are only testing KLM employees.

The PCR test explained

PCR is an abbreviation for polymerase chain reaction. A Covid-19 PCR test detects genetic material (RNA) from the Covid-19 virus in the nose or throat. A long cotton bud is used to take swabs from the nose and throat. These are then sent to a laboratory where they are tested for the presence of the Covid-19 virus. We carry out these tests and ensure that the result is available between 10 and 32 hours later. You can only receive your result by email. A negative result means you are not carrying Covid-19. A positive result means you are infected with Covid-19, in which case we are obliged to report this to the municipal health services (GGD).

Making an appointment

You speak to your manager. If your job is classified as critical, your manager will provide you with a link to make an appointment online. You can make an appointment via this link.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, use the link you received in the appointment confirmation email.

Testing takes place in the carpark to the left of Building 133 at Schiphol-Oost. Follow the signs “employees with complaints”.

You can get tested on any day (including weekends). Tests are carried out between 09:00 hours and 11:00 hours so that you get the result as quickly as possible.

Cost of PCR test

As a KLM employee, you don’t have to pay for your test.

You can go to the GGD to be tested if you are covered by the Dutch government’s testing policy and if you have symptoms. We use the same validated test. At KLM, the tests are more readily available and the results quicker than the GGD.

The test result

The test result is communicated in Dutch.

The test result is not a guarantee. It is conceivable that you are still in the incubation period and that the virus cannot yet be diagnosed. Or you become infected in the period between being tested and commencing your journey. No guarantee can be attached to the result.

You will receive an email containing the result of the Covid-19 PCR test on average 10 hours later, but no more than 32 hours after the test was taken (including in the weekend).

If you test positive, we are legally obliged to inform the municipal health authorities (GGD). The GGD will then contact you and explain the guidelines. Click here <<LINK>> for more information. You can also phone the Contact Tracing Helpdesk (KLM Health Services) on 020 244 5257 everyday, including weekends, between 09:00 hours and 17:00 hours. This helpdesk is especially organised for KLM employees.