Driving Licence health check-up (BE/CD)


Anyone who first applies for a driving licence class C (trucks) or class D (buses) is subjected to a medical examination. This also applies to those who wish to extend their current driving license, class BE, D or D. A certified occupational health service physician should perform this examination.


The driving licence health check is intended to establish that you are fit to drive. It is necessary to determine that you do not suffer from health conditions that could compromise road traffic safety. The assessment includes a questionnaire (issued by CBR), a physical examination, an eyesight test and a urine test.


Since January 19 2013, the HGV licence has a validity of five years. This means that bus and truck drivers of each age must undergo a medical examination once every five years if their licence was issued after this date. If your licence was issued before 2013 a validity period of 10 years applies.

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