Expat medical examinations


Are you being sent to work abroad for a long period of time? Then your employer may request a medical certificate. The Expat Examination checks a number of relevant vital functions for a safe stay abroad. As a result you know how healthy you are.


The medical exam includes a detailed health analysis. Subsequently, a number of tests are performed, including blood and urine tests, measurements of height, weight, body fat percentage, BMI and blood pressure. The Extensive initial check-up also includes an ECG, a hearing and vision test and a pulmonary function test. The physician will discuss the questionnaire with you and will also perform a physical examination.

If applicable, the exam is followed by a vaccination consult at the Travel Clinic – this depends on your destination.

The exact contents of a medical examination differ per type and may vary from the abovementioned contents. You can choose between a Basic initial check-up and an Extensive initial check-up prior to your move abroad. We also offer a combination of an initial and a final check-up, in case you need or wish to be examined due to a (interim) transfer (to another country). KLM Health Services offers special expat health check-ups for children.


Our physicians have extensive knowledge of the situations abroad. As a result, they can carry out tailored examinations. In addition to the up-to-the-minute information we receive from LCR (National Coordination Centre for Travel Advice), we can rely on an extensive network of doctors abroad.

What we offer

  • Expat / Work abroad Basic initial check-up
  • Expat / Work abroad Extensive initial check-up
  • Expat / Work abroad Combined initial and final check-up
  • Expat / Work abroad < 9 years
  • Expat / Work abroad 9 -16 years
  • Frequent traveller health check-up

More information

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