Travel Risk Management, Safe travelling and working

A journey is not always entirely carefree. Your travelling employees may be faced with robberies, car accidents, hotel fires or theft – among other things. If your employees travel and work abroad, they wish to be prepared for the most likely risks. You, as an employer, want the best for your employees. This is your Duty of Care. In order to achieve optimal preparation for you in the area of Travel Risk Management, we collaborate with the Centre for Safety and Development (CSD) and CSE security services.

CSD and CSE introduce themselves:

We have over a decade of experience in supporting organisations and their travellers and expatriates. We are your partners for advice and training courses to prepare you for safety risks abroad.

Travel policy

For you as an employer, we establish a clear and effective safety policy concerning employees who are sent abroad. This policy, which is part of your Travel Risk Management, describes in plain language what is expected from both the employer and the employee prior to departure, during the journey, and after returning home. This is an important part of your Duty of Care as an employer. In addition, we train and coach Crisis Teams to be prepared in case of a calamity.

Safety training

Moreover, the traveller or expat must be self-reliant when abroad. Falling back on colleagues or the organisation back home is often not (or hardly) possible. During our personal safety training courses we teach travellers how to deal with aggression, accidents, theft and other safety risks they may encounter abroad. Our training courses focus on how effective behaviour may reduce risks. A large part of the training therefore consists of practising behaviour in highly realistic simulations. Naturally, a safe learning environment is of great value for us.

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For non-profit organisations: Centre for Safety and Development  For companies: CSE Security Services