Blog: Can you catch the flu on a plane?

9 November 2018 Winter is fast approaching; the days are becoming shorter and the nights longer. And with it, the flu season is making its comeback. It is often thought that an aircraft’s ventilation system makes you more prone to picking up the flu. However, this is not quite the case. On launching the flu jab this year,... Read more

Are you going to Rio?

6 July 2016 Are you going to the Olympic Games? If so, it’s important that you get the proper vaccinations. It makes a difference, for example, if you only intend to visit a city like Rio de Janeiro during the Games or whether you’ll be venturing inland on a jungle safari.Bear in mind that during the Olympic Games... Read more

Website KLM Health Services now fully bilingual

24 May 2016 KLM Health Services has renewed its website, which is now fully available in Dutch and English. With this service, KLM Health Services responds to the growing demand for English information by her large international customer base. KLM Health Services - specialist in the fields of travel, work and health - is now part of a... Read more