Medical examinations

Both business and private customers are welcome for medical examinations at KLM Health Services.

First Class examinations

Medical examinations are essential for some professions. We provide legally mandated examinations, risk-oriented examinations and lifestyle-oriented examinations. And we do so for private individuals and for the (international) business world.

Being a responsible employer

As an employer you have a vested interest in the good health of your employees. After all, healthy employees are more efficient. You’d therefore be well-advised to have your employees regularly undergo a health check-up. You can visit us for a Periodic Medical Examination (PME) as well as a variety of other health check-ups. The results of these examinations are sent directly to the employees in question. However, as an employer you can ask for an anonymous group report. Check out which examinations are relevant to you or your employees.


KLM Health Services can fall back on 80 years’ experience of carrying out medical examinations, with employees as well as with private individuals with unusual professions or hobbies. And while it goes without saying that we examine all KLM pilots, we are also happy to apply our expertise on behalf of other companies too.

Your profession, your safety

Do you often work away from home for long periods? Do you do shift work (including nightshift)? Or do you do the type of work that places great psychological or physical demands on you? If so, it is crucially important that you have your health regularly checked out. The healthcare professionals that work for KLM Health Services are specialised in professions that have an elevated risk profile. They are at your service in helping you to stay fit and healthy for work. Check which legally mandated examinations or risk-oriented examinations are relevant for you and your employees.

Private individuals

Private individuals are also more than welcome to undergo a medical examination at KLM Health Services, such as those wanting to take an aeromedical examination, for example, or an examination for divers and compressed air workers. Our medical examinations will give you the confidence that you can safely practice your hobby. Reassuring, to say the least!