Executive check-up


Are you someone who prefers to keep your private life private? And are you accustomed to enjoying certain privileges? With people like you, operating at the top of their game, specifically in mind, Executive Health Management offers an Executive Check-up. We have at our disposal our very own and easily accessible medical centre in Hoofddorp, where you can work at your own discretion, relax and undergo a medical examination.    

During the various components of this check-up you will want for nothing in the area of work, Internet facilities, catering and suitable reading material. And afterwards the doctor will be on hand to give you extensive advice.


  • A physical examination by an internist
  • Biometrics (height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate)
  • Urine test
  • Extensive blood test
  • Eyesight test using an orthorator
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Lung-function test
  • ECG at rest
  • Exertion ECG
  • Ultrasonic heart examination
  • Ultrasonic examination of the upper- and lower-abdominal organs
  • Intraocular pressure test
  • Concluding consultation with the internist

If so desired, the Executive Check-up can be further expanded. The EHM team comprises medical specialists such as radiologists, cardiologists, neurologists, internists, psychologists and gynaecologists. 


This medical examination is for people with a distinct need for speed and discretion. You’ll be given your own work/waiting room, equipped with various facilities.

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