Fire-fighter health check-up (PPME)


The Periodic Preventative Medical Examination (PPME) is a periodical medical examination intended for employees of the fire brigade – specifically fire-fighters. The PPME fire-fighter health check-up is occupational, meaning that is used to establish and monitor your health in relation to your work. The PPME was introduced in 2014. Prior to this, KLM Health Services has already gained extensive experience in conducting medical assessments in the fire services. We have assisted several safety regions in implementing this fairly recent health check. In addition to the pre-appointment medical examination and the PPME, KLM Health Services also offers periodic fire-fighter health checks for picket officials. If you wish to know more about the possibilities, please contact us.


The PPME fire-fighter health check consists of a medical and a physical part. During the medical part, a medical examiner will measure your height, weight and blood pressure, check your vision and hearing abilities and will also look at your mental state and at possible risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The physical part of the examination includes a ladder climb test, a balance test, casualty evacuation – dragging a dummy, forcing a door – and a test during which you need to crouch through a tunnel. This part of the examination focuses on work-related situations and assesses your fitness and vitality.


The PPME fire-fighter health check is intended for fire services employees. The examination is mandatory. Its frequency is age dependent: persons under 40 must undergo this assessment once every four years, persons between 40 and 50 every two years and persons older than 50 should take the test annually. After the examination, you will receive a health certificate.

What we offer

  • Periodic fire-fighter assessment (PPMO protocol)
  • Pre-appointment medical examination (PPMO protocol)
  • Fire-fighter Reassessment (PPMO protocol)
  • Periodic fire-fighter assessment for picket officials
  • Optional laboratory module

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