Medical exam for offshore workers (NOGEPA)


Working on an offshore platform is physically demanding for your people. Offshore workers must be physically and mentally fit in order to be able to do their jobs. KLM Health Services provides a wide range of health services and can count on extensive international experience. As a result, we know the applicable requirements to be met by employees in the offshore industry. Our health check-ups meet all international standards and our medical professionals, who are registered in the NOGEPA register for medical examination doctors for offshore, carry out the examination carefully and efficiently. We are an official NOGEPA accredited certification institute (ISO9001) and provide our services to Dutch, German, English and Norwegian offshore platforms.


The medical exam includes a urine test, measurements of height, weight, BMI and blood pressure, hearing and vision tests (including colour vision), an ECG, and a pulmonary function test. Members of the ERT (Emergency Rescue Team) also require a cardiac stress test by means of a bicycle ergometer. If necessary, a shoulder measurement is included. The exact contents of a medical examination for offshore workers depend on the chosen module and are tailored to your needs. Shoulder measurement As part of new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, all helicopter passengers (flying from the UK) require a shoulder measurement. This additional safety measure came into force in April 2015. If your shoulder width is more than 55.9 cm (22″), this will be classed as extra broad (XBR) and you will get an allocated seat in the vicinity of a window that is compatible with your shoulder size and thus suitable as an escape route. Those with a shoulder width of 55.9 cm or less will be classed as regular. Specifically trained personnel perform the measurement. You will receive a certificate stating the results of the shoulder measurement. This certificate is valid indefinitely.


This offshore health check-up is intended for employees who work offshore. The examination aims to identify possible health risk factors and physical abnormalities so that timely intervention is guaranteed. The check-up can be modular. In other words: KLM Health Services offers the check-up you need.

What we offer

Functional Capacity Evaluation In close cooperation with the industry and in accordance with the ErgoScience methodology, we have developed the Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). This physical stress test perfectly matches all the activities and tasks of your employees. It is based on the psychological condition in relation to body strength, rapidity, fitness level and flexibility. The examination looks at everyday motions and fine motor skills during work and in emergency situations. You may combine the FCE desired with mandatory offshore examinations and any medical examination to measure. The assessment can take place at our facility in Schiphol-East. Integrated medical services In addition to health check-ups, we also offer integral medical services. You can rely on us for vaccinations and travel advice for example, but also for medical support on offshore platforms in cases of emergency, or medical transport, paramedics training and emergency services so to minimise impact and costs in case of accidents.

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