Pre-appointment health check


A pre-appointment (or occupational) health check is carried out to ensure that prospective staff are medically fit to perform the job healthily and safely. Assessed is whether a candidate is physically and psychologically capable of carrying out the tasks proposed. In most cases, these exams are free of obligation, however sometimes they are legally required. Pre-appointment health checks initially focus on risks involved in the execution of the occupation.


Pre-appointment health checks may only be carried out if the (future) job entails possible health and safety risks for the employee and/or third parties. Also, candidates should only be invited for such a health check after the actual job offer has been made. Naturally, employers must make it clear to prospective employees that an occupational health check is part of the application procedure. At KLM Health Services, we can quickly inform you whether a pre-appointment health check is lawful, what its purpose is and what is included in the medical exam. In most cases, you decide whether a pre-appointment health check is necessary. In some cases, the exam is legally required.

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