First Aid


First Aid training is intended for employees who work for organisations that want to have more comprehensive in-house expertise for providing First Aid. Any employee can join this programme, regardless of previous education or experience.

What does a First Aider do?

As a First Aider you provide first aid to people with various injuries. You are able to help victims with a bone fracture, but also people who feel unwell as a result of diabetes or who have an epileptic fit. In this training course you will learn to identify and treat the most common diseases and injuries.

Practical exercises

The programme on offer is very practical with lots of exercises. You will learn how to apply various bandages for example. You will also practice with so-called lotus victims who imitate accident situations and/or impersonate people who suffer from shock, diabetes, epilepsy and so on.

Refresher courses

In order keep your skills and knowledge up to date, the Orange Cross demands that First Aiders attend a one-day refresher training each year.


  • Do’s and don’ts in certain accidents
  • Human body and disorders
  • Diagnose
  • Exercising CPR and rescue breathing
  • Operating and using AEDs
  • First Aid for external wounds, fractures and haemorrhages


This is a two-day course.


The First Aid training course concludes with an exam that is conducted under the supervision of the Orange Cross. The diploma is valid for two years and can be renewed for another two years.